Swiss themed camping mug

Tasteful Swiss Souvenirs

Capture and cherish your precious moments in Switzerland with our delightful memory keepers.

A collection of tasteful souvenirs that reflect the beautiful Swiss landscape, the Swiss Alps, Swiss cuisine and Swiss culture.

Designed by Deer and Sparrow in Switzerland and made to a high standard.

Coastal Mementos

Step into a coastal haven with my unique collection of ocean-themed decor.

Let these pieces transport you to the tranquil shores and bring the soothing waves right into your home.

Each resin piece is completely unique, a small piece of art work, handcrafted in small batches at the Deer & Sparrow studio in Weiningen, Switzerland.

Spread a little love & kindness...

..with Deer & Sparrow's heartfelt collection of greeting cards.

Crafted in Switzerland with love to celebrate life's ups and downs.

With a touch of nostalgia and joy, each card is meticulously designed to evoke warm emotions, ensuring your heartfelt wishes resonate deeply with your loved ones.