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Personalised Mix Tape Cassette Decoration & Greeting Card

Personalised Mix Tape Cassette Decoration & Greeting Card

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Do you ever think back to when you were younger, a time when things seemed less busy, noisy and more carefree… I say “seemed” as memory can be a funny thing. I was thinking about this a lot over the summer months and when I was home I found some old mix tapes in the cupboard. Prized gifts given to me by friends at school, each with a theme and a set of songs carefully recorded off the radio. There was quite a skill in trying to hit record at exactly the right moment to avoid the radio jingle. Cassette tapes aren’t really a thing any more, but if you were to make one for a friend what would you include on there?

I decided to have a little fun with this and have designed a very interactive Christmas card and decoration. The cassette tape can be personalised with a name (by me), but the greetings card itself is also designed to be personalised (by you). The card is based on a cassette tape cover and on it you can write a list of songs or events that sum up your 2022 together. Admittedly this card takes a little more work than a regular card but when was the last time you put mix tape effort into your friendship?


Height: 5.5 cm + Ribbon
Width: 8 cm
Depth: 0.03 cm
Wood Type: Birch Plywood
Printing Method: UV printed
Ribbon: Black Organza Ribbons
Design: Etched wood Cassette Tape Design. Wood has been stained with gold ink. 

Card Size: A6 when folded (A5 unfolded)
Envelope: Kraft Envelope, with card postal protection layer & Sticker Seal
Card Texture: Linear Textured card with printed a pale blue on the outside, cream on the inside.
Greeting Card Design: Soft white textured card with a design similar to a cassette tape sleeve. 

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